Samstag, 4. August 2007

Tutorial: one way to get a small income for everybody

with the service of you can get paid to Digg and StumbleUp Websites for subvert & profit.

here are the steps you have to do:

you need a account, if you don´t have one, you need to create one.

1.- create a new account, it´s simple.

2.- now sign up to StumbleUpon and download & install the toolbar. there is a version for InternetExplorer & Mozilla Firefox.

3.-the last Sign-Up you have to do to subvert & profit.
You need to Register with your PayPal email adress.
If you login the first time you will need your StubleUpon & Digg account names handy.
You have to verify your Digg and StumbleUpon account.

to verify the accountnames you just need to "Digg" and "StumbleUp" the two pages you will see.
visit that Sites and:

to Digg a Website you must just click on the "Digg it" button.

to StumbleUp a Website just click the "I like it!" button.

after you doing that subvert & profit will verify your account that can take a few (a lot of) hours.

Ok,, if subvert & profit have verified your account, they will send you emails with links to Websites (most daily). That Websites you have to "Digg" or "StumbleUP".
For each Website you will "Digg" or "StumbleUP" you earn $0.50

If they send you 2 emails a day you will earn $1.00 a day, just for clicking a button/Link. There is not to earn a lot but you can pay for example your servers cost with that income.
(a own Vserver just for Digg or StumbleUp a website a few times a day, is not bad)



Try the StumbleUpon Toolbar not just using for earning, it is a very gread thing to search Videos or other stuff. I just played a little bit around with the toolbar and i think there a some nice features in it.


  1. nsta hat gesagt…

    Hey thanks a lot! it works gread, i don´t get much of it, but a good meal i earn every day.

  2. thebigB4 hat gesagt…

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    Thanks for your post .
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