Dienstag, 4. September 2007

need a cheap vacation rental ?

On goin2travel.com you can rent a vacation rental directly from the owner. The thing is you don´t have to pay any travel agency or other middleman to switch you a rantal. That can save you a lot of money. If you have a vacation rental that you want to letting, you can advertise on goin2travel worlwide. I´ve looked a little bit around and compare the prices with prices from travelagency from three pages:
Big Bear vacation rentals
Palm Springs vacation homes
Destin vacation rentals
The result was, you can save money up to $800, if you rent directly from the owner of the vacation rental without any middleman or agency.

Megameeting.com - video & audio webconference software

Megameeting.com offers a very easy to Use and Affordable Web and Video Conferencing Software. One of the best thing is that the software 100% desktop, browser based and webinar is. So you don´t have to install complicated video conferencing software and run it on the HDD.
A audio or video conferencing is most cheaper than travel to confenrences.

Live Demos are available at Megameeting.com